Ebook "The order behind the creative chaos"

Ebook "The order behind the creative chaos"

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How many cakes can I make per week? How do I organize myself and not finish super late? Or being late for big events like Christmas? How do I move my cake business forward? Know what to do and when?


Feel like you're baking cakes, but not moving forward? To always be in the same place? But you want to take it to the next level?


This organizing e-book was created entirely based on one of my Inkubator training videos. Inside I show you how I see the organization of a sweet business and how you can use it to allow you to be more efficient, and therefore more profitable, and more creative.

Among other things, I am talking to you about: your offer, your vision, your objectives, how to determine and place profitable actions for your company, how to plan your production, know where to put your energy, your monthly planning to be on top...

This ebook also comes with the "Break Your Vision Into Clear Actions" worksheet that I created to help my students break down their goals into clear actions, an easy-to-follow to-do list for easier progress. I explain how to use it so that you too can focus on your cake creation rather than always looking for the next action to do!

Organization is the key to relieve you mentally and allow you to make cakes in zenitude!


-24 pages of theory (29 pages in all)

-Worksheet to print "Break your vision into clear actions"

-Calendar template of the ideal production periods in the year

*This is adigital file (PDF) that you will receive in your emails and that you can download.

Any reproduction, distribution and sharing is not authorized. Please respect my work.