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Discover or rediscover this pastry classic: dried meringue! Made from egg whites and sugar, these littles crunchy clouds spend hours in the oven to obtain perfect crunchiness and lightness.
Flavored with freeze dried fruits, zest, homemade mixtures...Dried meringues are perfectly flavourfull!
Choose between 10 to 11 flavours and build your own meringue gift box.
3: 1 choice of flavor (5,75$+tx)
Box of 9: 3 choice of flavor (17,49$+tx)
Box of 16: 4 choice of flavor (31,24$+tx)
Production delay: 4-5 open days
Shipping delay: 3 open days once made
*You wish to have your meringues for a specific date? Please tell me in the notes of your basket!
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